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There are never ending adventure trips to Maine. You can be with your family and enjoy all the outdoor adventures right from white water rafting to ATV tours, wilderness lake kayaking, river kayaking, fishing, hunting, hiking and snowmobiling. Kennebec, Dead and Penobscot are the rivers where people can undertake white water rafting.

Indulge yourself in kayaking to some of the most beautiful islands along the main coast and enjoy the island camping trips on the 20 islands of Maine and get that memorable Maine Kayaking experience. The wildlife in Northwest Maine is simply amazing with wild animals and birds in abundance. Go for hunting spree with an opportunity to see them in their environment.

Maine has something to offer in every season. Fishing can be done in winters as well in other season. There are guided tours for half day, full day or multi day of snowmobiling. The tours are designed to take you to some of the immensely beautiful locations only accessible through snowmobile. Some short tours are to the forests area and see for yourself the ecology and the Flora and Fauna Maine is blessed with.

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