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For those indomitable hunters, the hunting season in Maine comes with an opportunity to prove their mettle and skills. The Hunting season in this region is eagerly awaited by the hunters from all over the country. And why not, this region offers plentiful opportunities for all sorts of hunters to find their prize and that too from the plentiful varieties of wildlife. In Maine, you can find the best trophy deer, big bears, mighty moose, and also other varieties like grouse, wild rabbits and many more.

To ensure a healthy hunting season, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife was established in Maine to ensure that all species of wildlife and aquatic resources in the State of Maine are properly maintained for their inherent and ecological values, for their economic contribution, and for their recreational, scientific, and educational use by the people of the State. Moreover, this Department also is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of rules and regulations governing fishing, hunting, and trapping, propagation and stocking of fish, acquisition of wildlife management areas, the registration of snowmobiles, watercraft, and all terrain vehicles, safety programs for hunters, snowmobiles, and watercraft, and the issuing of licenses (hunting, fishing, trapping, guide, etc.) and permits. More information regarding hunting in Maine can be had from

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