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Maine is very well known for its pristine beaches, fabulous sea view, lighthouses, White Water Rivers, lakes and mountain inland. Here we can still find lobster villages and sumptuous sea food served. The seaside area is filled with bays, harbors and islands with its unique beauty. The only national park here Acadia is situated on mountain desert island is worth seeing. People here can witness the rare phenomena on the Cadillac Mountain where the earliest sunrise on the East Coast appears.

We still find the old port in one of the biggest city of Maine, Portland where the reserved old port is the hub for restaurants, pubs, boutiques, everything which a modern life calls for. Those with special inclination for old can fine solace in Portland's downtown with classic theatre, symphony and a rich collection art, architecture and literature.

Apart from this people here can enjoy a number of water sports and other adventures. It is the best recreational site that calls upon several of thousand tourists. Even the Maine's accommodation caters to every taste and budget. In the coastal areas we come across many Country Inns, Bed and Breakfast, hotels, luxury resorts, family motor lodges and well equipped campgrounds.

In every part of the state we find star classy hotels with all modern amenities for the tourists to stay in and enjoy. Some of the luxurious hotels have maintained their international standards to accommodate international tourist and enjoy sightseeing while their stay in the world class hotels.

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