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Booking Arctic Circle Holidays

Booking arctic circle holidays in Lapland, beneath the mysterious Northern Lights is the ultimate holiday destination. A wonderland of adventures, there’s husky dog sledding, reindeer safaris, ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country or downhill skiing, and excitement is endless.

Is Lapland a country
Lapland is not a country. It is a region in north Europe that spreads over Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Lapland refers to the area of land inhabited by the indigenous Sami people.

What is the Arctic Circle
Lapland is an area within the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is marked the polar day when the sun is above the horizon for at least 24 hours and the polar night when the sun is below the horizon for at least 24 hours. The location of the Arctic Circle is not static as it can move daily by about 2 meters and annually by about 100 meters.

Arctic Circle Weather Safety
Although Arctic conditions prevail within the Arctic Circle, you will be safe if you follow the instructions of your experienced tour guide. In addition, your tour guide will adjust the tour as needed in the interest of safety.

To avoid frost nip and frostbite wear mitts instead of gloves and do not lace your polar boots tightly to allow adequate blood flow to your lower legs.

Lapland Snow
During the winter, the first snow fall is usually in October and may not end until May.

The language in Lapland
Depending on where you are in Lapland, there are multiple sami languages, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish. Rest assured that all service providers speak fluent English and most residents speak English. Remember that the universal language is a ‘smile’.

Sports Travel insurance
It is recommended that you have travel insurance that covers sports activities, as many basic travel insurances do not cover sports activities like skiing.

Lapland Clothing
Extreme winter activity clothing is provided yet the clothing must be returned after the activity, like dog sledding. It is recommended that you purchase clothing from an hiking store such as waterproof gloves, pants and footwear.

Plan on wearing at least four layers of clothing to maximize warmth, breathability and the quick drying action of thermals and fleeces.

Lapland Weather
Although the weather can get as low as minus 30 degrees, the average temperature is minus two to minus ten degrees.

Ice Hotel Information
The Ice Hotel is open from the middle of December to the middle of April. Since the Ice Hotel is a popular holiday destination[, it is advisable to book your reservations at your earliest convenience to avoid any disappointment.

Booking arctic circle holidays in Lapland through a holiday company which provides you with flights, transfers, warm winter clothing, accommodation and fantastic Nordic activities is your ticket to catching the very spirit of Lapland and the Northern Lights.

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