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Wildlife holidays in Canada

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Often referred to as the Great White North, Canada is a country noted for its natural beauty. From the Rocky Mountains to the great prairies to the Atlantic Ocean provinces, there is much to see in this country, which is what makes a wildlife holiday in Canada so worthwhile.

For those with a nose for adventure, Grizzly Bear viewing tours can be embarked on in many places throughout the Rockies. Sonora Resort is one place offering such a service. Those interested in seeing the marine life of the country need only go a little further out west to British Columbia, where they will be treated to sea lions, seals, and most spectacularly, whales. Whales can also be viewed on the east coast of the country, in Newfoundland.

Taking a train across Canada is a common way for tourists to get a glimpse of the natural scenery the country has to offer. There are also several tours centred on canoeing, hiking, and hunting.

Northern Canada is a place for those willing to withstand the cold, and it is worth it for those who can. The diverse and rare wildlife to be found in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon helps to make these places fascinating destinations. As a bonus, it is quite possible that there is no better place in the world from which to view the Northern Lights. .

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