French Bulldogs



We are located in Northern San Diego County, California where our dogs enjoy great weather year round. Our AKC French Bulldogs are carefully cared for to enable them to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. They receive plenty of fresh air, exercise, attention and receive only the highest quality in both foods and snacks, all geared toward their nutritional needs. As beloved members of the family, our life pretty much revolves around them, by choice.


We have choose to raise exotic color French Bulldogs because we find they are a breed all their own. Among all the exotic colors available, I find the Blue Frenchie has my favorite coloring. Our French Bulldogs have a very regal personality which stems from the European Champions on both sides of their pedigree.


Due to their unusual coloring they tend to receive alot of attention wherever they go. We find the Chocolates are comical, always being the clown, so they tend to draw the most attention.


We hope to produce Blue puppies with tan points, an extremely rare color combination, in upcoming litters. Because our dogs carry blue, recessive black, sable, tan and chocolate we’re very exited at the color possibilies which can be produced.


The French Bulldog is a delightful animal full of curiosity and joy. They are a little on the high maintenance side. They’re not a dog you can just leave out in the yard. They love to be with you. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, laundry, yard work, cleaning, they just want to be with you and are happy being at your side. They’re great company and love to make you laugh. They really are just like toddlers. A perfect pet for the empty nester. Frenchies love being with children as well.


You do need to be careful they don’t get to hot or to cold. They only need light exercise and shouldn’t be encouraged to over exert. It’s a good idea in warm weather to keep a small kiddie pool outside with just enough water for them to cool off but it should always be supervised. My dogs absolutely love being sprayed with the hose. It’s a guaranteed good laugh to see them have so much fun. If I’m going to be away I never leave them outside. They do well crated at night and for short periods of time but must have good ventilation. They love to nest so I give them several soft cotton towels and something to chew they can’t chock on. A 36″x24″ crate is perfect. A doggie door to a sheltered area works great.


Your puppy will need firm training. They are Terriers and Bulldogs so you’ll need to give them full access to your home slowly. You can’t just give your puppy full rein of the house and then get upset because he chewed your favorite pair of shoes you left laying out. This is normal puppy behavior. Your Frenchie will learn to live in your house by your rules but it does take time. That’s why I highly recommend crating or coraling when you are unable to watch your puppy. They like a safe cozy place of their own and you will find that the right start will provide years of pleasure with your Frenchie.